Jira allows you to create your dashboard and add gadgets to keep the information you need organized and easily accessible. 

Dashboards are used to keep track of your projects, assignments and achievements in different charts. Therefore, dashboards can be used to build a real-time customizable report. 

With Xray, you have a set of gadgets that can be used inside your dashboard and that will help to keep track on your testing process. 

How to use a gadget?

A gadget allows you to display dynamic content inside a dashboard, these gadgets can be as simple as lists based on filters, or complex reports. 

You can add gadgets to your personal dashboard, and even share dashboards with other users. By doing this, you are personalizing your own view of information and building a way to get insights that will help you to make better decisions. 

To use a gadget:

  1. Go to the dashboard by selecting the Dashboards link in the header.
  2. If you don't already have a dashboard, select Manage Dashboards from the dropdown, then Create new dashboard.
  3. Once your dashboard is created, on the dashboard, select Add Gadget.
  4. Use the gadget wizard to choose the gadgets you want to add.

After loading all the gadgets available, you can search for "xray" to easily find the gadgets made available by Xray.

Xray gadgets

GadgetExampleWhat to use for?Similar to 
Overall Requirements Coverage Gadget

Quick way of evaluating the current coverage status for a set of requirements, that can span one or more projects. Overall Requirements Coverage Report
Historical Daily Requirements Coverage Gadget

Provides visibility into the evolution of the coverage status of your project's requirements for last N days, for a given version of the system.

Evaluates your progress, i.e., if you're closer to having all your requirements properly tested and ready for deployment.

Historical Requirement Coverage Report
Test Runs Summary Gadget

Check the status of a group of scheduled/executed test runs (e.g., from a Test Plan) in order to evaluate the testing effort.

Test List Gadget

Check the status of a group of tests for a specific Version, Environment or Test Plan. Test Overview
Test Runs List Gadget

Analyze which Tests were or are going to be executed, along with their corresponding results.N/A
Tests Evolution Gadget

Discover the evolution/trend of the status of a group of Tests, taking into account the results of those Tests in certain Test Executions.

You can check the calculated status (e.g., TODO, PASS, FAIL, etc.) of the Tests in a specific time range.

Overall Test Results Gadget

Get an overview of the status for some Tests, taking into account the results obtained in the context of a version or of a Test Plan. 

Requirement List Gadget

Quickly check the status of a group of requirements for a specific Version, Environment or Test Plan.


Setting a gadget

After selecting the gadget you want to use, you may need to perform some settings, especially the source data ( Project or saved filter). 

Other settings can be made depending on the gadget that you have selected such as:

  • date range 
  • group by 
  • Execution Scope

By using a saved filter means, that you can display information from across different projects. Be aware that you might have to create the filter first (using Jira built-in features) in order to use it at your gadget.

Check out the documentation about each gadget to see the settings you can perform at each gadget - Reporting using Gadgets.

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