In either a Test case or a Pre-Condition, the Test Details or the Pre-Condition Details custom fields are not shown and instead it shows the error message below:

The following solutions are applicable to solve your issue in the Test or the Pre-Condition Issue Types:

Solution 1

  1. Go to the Project Settings, Screens and edit the screens;
  2. Choose the Screen Scheme for the Test/Pre-Condition issue type;
  3. Edit the default screen of the scheme and make sure that it has the following configuration:

Solution 2

  1. Go to your project -> Project Settings -> Issue types:

  2. Button Actions -> Edit issue types:

  3. Remove all the Xray Issue Types -> Save:

  4. Go back to your Project -> Project Settings -> Button Actions - Add Xray Issue Types:

If you don't see the option "Add Xray Issue Types", make sure that the user belongs to a group allowed to "Add Xray Issue Types". Check this on the "Miscellaneous" menu of Xray configuration.

Solution 3

Go to your project -> Project Settings -> Fields -> Button Actions - Edit fields

  • On the Field configuration associated with the Issue type Test or Pre-Condition, check if some of these custom fields are hidden for the respective Issue Types:
    • Test Type
    • Cucumber Test Type
    • Cucumber Scenario
    • Generic Test Definition
    • Manual Test Steps
    • Conditions
    • Pre-Condition Type
  • If some of these custom fields are hidden, please click on "Show".
(Example for the custom field "Cucumber Test Type")

Solution 4

Go to Jira Administration  -> Issues -> Fields - Custom Fields.

For the custom fields described in Solution 3, check if all of these custom fields are respectively associated with Test or Pre-Condition Issue Type and applied to a Global Context.

Example for the custom field Cucumber Test Type

  • Search for each of the already mentioned custom fields and click on Configure:

  • Click on the link - Edit Configuration;
  • Check if this custom field is associated with the issue type Test and applied in a Global Context.

Link for related documentation

Custom Fields and Screen Configuration

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