Xray allows Project Managers to configure fields to be available in Manual Test Steps


Native fields

Action, Data, and Expected Result fields are native fields, i.e, they are present by default. Data and Expected Result can be disabled.

Actions available

Native fields can be:

  • enabled
  • disabled
  • set as required

Custom fields


A project manager can create custom fields to be available when designing Manual Tests

Type of fields Available

Available  step fields:

  • Toggle
  • Date Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Number field
  • Radio button
  • Select lists (single choice and multi choices)
  • Text field (single and multi-line)
  • User Picker

Actions available

Custom fields can be:

  • enabled
  • disabled
  • set as required
  • deleted

Limit of Fields

Xray allows up to 6 fields enabled for a step. The Action field is always present and cannot be disabled. All others fields can be disabled and or delete.

Impact of configuration changes on Tests

Configuration changes made on Test Steps Custom Fields or Native Fields (Data & Expected Result) will be reflected on Tests history, but only for tests that have values for that fields in their Test Steps. The following actions are the ones that are reflected in history:

  • Delete/Remove field: all affected Tests' history will reflect the deletion of the field;
  • Disable field: all affected Tests' history will reflect the disable of the field;
  • Enable field: all affected Tests' history will reflect the return of this field.

Note: Toggle fields - Since the default value for them represents "FALSE", the actions performed in this field will only be reflected in Test History if the value is "TRUE". As you can you see in the example above.

Impact of configuration changes on existing executions of Tests

Please be aware that a change on a custom field that is being used in a Test already being executed may request an action to reset or merge the test definition: Updating the definition of the Test after execution started

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