This page describes the migration path that you can can follow in order to migrate Xray data from Jira Server / Data Center to Jira Cloud. In case of any questions about which approach best suits your organization, please contact our support team directly.

Server/DC vs Cloud - Product Comparison

If you are looking to migrate from Jira Server/DC to Jira Cloud, you need to consider the differences between Xray Server/DC and Xray Cloud. These differences might affect how your users work and interact with Xray. 

The ideas, goals, and major features are the same. However, while there is great similarity between them, there are a few subtle differences between the two versions, this is mainly due to:

  • Jira architecture - The way apps work in Server and Cloud is completely different. In Server, apps can integrate with many aspects of Jira, while on Cloud, there are a lot of integration points missing, e.g. JQL functions, Project Templates, etc
  • Product Age - Xray Cloud is a newer product. Therefore, some of the features are not yet present (e.g. Automated Step Library, Historic Test Coverage report), although we plan to include these features in future releases. Also, we took the opportunity to improve some features (e.g. Project Level Settings). 

For a full comparison between the Server/DC and Cloud versions of Xray, please refer to Xray Server and Xray Cloud.

Jira Cloud Migration Assistant  IN PROGRESS

Atlassian provides the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to help Jira users assess and migrate from an on-premise Jira instance (server or data center) to Jira Cloud. However, Atlassian has not yet included apps like Xray in this tool.

Our team has worked with Atlassian to make Xray available within the official Migration Assistant tool and we hope Atlassian will launch this expanded version of the Migration Assistant sometime soon.

Xray Cloud Migration Scripts AVAILABLE - WITH NO SUPPORT

These scripts are provided AS-IS, with no further support from the Xray team. They require a high level of technical expertise with Xray and Jira and we recommend only expert users attempt to use them to migrate their Xray data.

Although Atlassian has not yet included Xray in the official Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, the Xray team has created some scripts that can help you migrate your data today.

These scripts are written in Python and are using the Xray REST and GraphQL APIs to fetch the Xray information from Xray Server/DC, and then import this information into Xray Cloud.

Script Requirements

The scripts will not create new issues in Jira Cloud. The Xray issues must have already been migrated. Therefore, you first need to migrate the issues using either the:

The scripts will fill the gaps, namely:

  • Test specifications
  • Test Repository folders
  • Relations between Xray issues/entities, e.g. Tests in Test Plans, Tests in Test Sets, Preconditions, etc.
  • Test Runs

Script Performance

Depending on the number of issues, the migration scripts can take a considerable amount of time to execute and migrate all the data. Please plan ahead and do a Proof-of-Concept in a Jira Test instance first.

Clone or Download

These scrips are publicly available and free to use in our GitHub:  

Clone or Download

Please clone or download the repository and make any changes as needed. 


This page only contains a brief description of how the script works. Don't forget to follow the instructions on the README file in the repository.

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