Xporter is a Jira app that allows you to export information from Jira issues and supported Jira plugins, including Xray, to Word, Excel, PDF, or other type of documents.

Through its integration with Xray, Xporter provides a simple way to export single or bulk Tests, for example, or even a Test Plan and thus make a customized testing related report.

The layout of the output document can be customized using templates built in .DOCX (Microsoft Word), .XLSX (Microsoft Excel) or even .ODT (Open Office) files.

Templates are regular documents where certain placeholders (e.g., #{...}, ${...}, &{...}, %{...}) can be used to render some fields or to perform auxiliary operations.

The Xporter language syntax used within the document template allows you to:

  • implement core logic
    • define temporary/auxiliary variables
    • implement conditional blocks (i.e., "if" statements) using JavaScript
    • perform iterations/loops (i.e., "for" statements) over fields or entities that are list based (e.g., components, comments), with ability to filter
  • process data
    • obtain the input issue(s) used during the export document request
    • obtain issues on-demand using JQL queries
  • render information
    • render issue's custom fields using "mappings" in Xporter's terminology
    • render entities and attributes connected to Jira issues from supported Jira apps using tailored "mappings" for this purpose
    • render text using a JavaScript expression

Please check Xporter's documentation to learn more about Working with Templates, and the page that has more information about the mappings available to obtain Xray related data.

Ready to use templates are freely available for use or further customization from a template store. The template store can be acessed right from Xporter administration under the Templates section, or also from a given project settings page.

After being installed, and depending on the configured settings for the template, documents/reports can be generated/exported from different places, such as the issue screen, Issue search/Navigator page, workflow post-functions, etc.

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