Xray provides a gadget for viewing tests and their latest status for a particular release.


This gadget enables you to quickly check the status of a group of tests for a specific Version, Environment or Test Plan. 

Possible usage scenarios:

  • analyze a group of Tests for a given version
  • analyze a group of Tests for a given version and Test Environment
  • analyze the status of Tests belonging to a Test Set

How to use

Test issues for the chart can be provided by selecting the saved filter, project and/or Test Plan:

  • Saved filter: a saved filter containing Test issues
  • Project: auxiliary field containing the Project to take into account when selecting the Test Component
  • Test Component: filter Test issues by component (taken into account the selected Project)
  • Test Priority: filter Test issues by priority

Additional configuration parameters for this gadget include:

  • Execution Scope: either Version or Test Plan
  • Test Plan Key: the key of the Test Plan, if the Execution Scope is "Test Plan"
  • Analysis Version: the version, if the Execution Scope is "Version"
  • Test Environment: the test environment in which the tests were run
  • Number of results: the number of results per page
  • Refresh Interval: how often the gadget is updated