February 23rd, 2024

The Xray team is proud to announce the release of Xray 7.5.0.

We're thrilled to introduce significant enhancements to the defect creation process in our test management application! With this update, creating, managing, and tracking defects has become even more seamless and efficient.

Compatibility Notes

Important notice

Xray is now compatible with latest LTS versions of Jira.

Upgrade Notes

Upgrading Xray to 7

If you are upgrading from a version lower than 3.2, this implies that an upgrade task will run to pre-calculate historical data. This one-time action will run in the background so that Xray remains available during the upgrade. A  re-index operation of your Jira instance is required to make the internal data searchable and usable by Xray.

Please be aware that this upgrade task will run immediately after updating Xray. As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray outside of business hours. It is always possible to cancel the recalculation operation in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields → Maintenance.

If upgrading from v3.2.x or v3.3.x to v7, you must recalculate data in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields. This recalculation is necessary because of the huge improvement in the amount of data that Xray needs to add to the table and the Lucene indexes.

As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray and recalculating the custom fields outside of business hours.

Downgrading from Xray 7

Downgrading from Xray 7.x.x to a previous version may have the following side effects:

After creating some specific data using Test Case Versions, the user may have some glitches when downgrading to a specific version of Xray

  • On a Test Issue, multiple manual test versions with steps, when downgrading the test issue will show all steps from all the versions
  • On a Test Issue, multiple manual test versions with specific datasets, when downgrading the test issue will show the parameters from all the datasets 
  • On a Test issue, having different test versions linked to the same precondition issue when downgrading, the test issue will show an integrity error instead of showing the precondition table

    And the precondition will show the warning of being linked to an archived test

Release highlights 

Defects Improvements

Introducing powerful enhancements to defect creation process, designed to significantly elevate your test management experience. In this update, we're thrilled to introduce two game-changing features that streamline defect creation and enhance collaboration.

Field Inheritance

Now, with the flexibility to configure at global level, you can inherit specific fields such as labels and components automatically from the parent entities (test execution, test, or both) into the created defect. 
This customization empowers you to align defect attributes seamlessly with your project requirements, saving time and ensuring consistency across your testing processes.

Automated Evidence Attachment

Say goodbye to manual efforts! With our latest update, all evidences captured and attached to a test step will be automatically linked to the newly created defect.
This automation eliminates redundant tasks, streamlining the defect creation process and ensuring that crucial information is readily available for analysis and resolution.

New Global Settings for Enhanced Control

In this release, we're unveiling Feature Controls, allowing you to fine-tune specific aspects of your experience. This is just the beginning of a series of enhancements aimed at providing you with unparalleled customisation options.

In-App Chat Support
Take control of your support preferences by enabling or disabling in-app chat support globally.
This is the first of many features that you can now personalize according to your workflow.

Customise your notification experience with global settings. Choose which notifications are vital for your workflow and configure them to align with your needs. 

Notification bubble
Gain control over notification bubble globally. Decide whether you want them enabled or disabled for a clutter-free workspace. Your preferences matter, and this is just the starting point.

We are committed to providing you with a highly customizable experience. In upcoming releases, expect even more control over various features, allowing you to shape your application to suit your unique requirements.

Just one more, yet important, thing...

Documentation is always important, and sometimes you may miss it.

Here's a summary of all the relevant articles that we've added and updated recently:

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