Xray uses Jira issues to implement Test, Pre-Condition, Test Set, Test Execution and Test Plan entities. Therefore, these entities may be created or updated using Jira's native REST API, based on Jira authentication although testing information can't be managed using Jira's API.

Xray itself provides a REST API to handle more heavy and time-consuming operations such as importing executions results, generating cucumber feature files and importing Tests.

Xray's GraphQL API allows users to perform CRUD operations directly on Xray entities. GraphQL gives clients the power to get exactly what they need and nothing more, makes it easier to evolve APIs over time, and enables powerful developer tools.

Although using different patterns, these APIs work in conjunction to provide consumers ways of interacting with Xray data.

In this section: 

There's a GitHub repository with many source code snippets, showcasing usage of the API with examples implemented in different languages (e.g., JavaScript, Java, Python).

Besides, there is another one with some Postman collections that can exemplify how to invoke these APIs, in this case using the Postman tool.

These repositories are maintained by Xray and the community; they may not be fully up-to-date but are for sure a great quick starter.

Feel free to check them out and if you have suggestions or find any problem, please raise an issue on the respective GitHub project!

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