Upon Xray installation, no screen is configured; however, you don't need to perform this for normal Xray usage.

All screen configurations, if needed, must be done manually.

One useful configuration is adding the Revision custom field to the Test Execution create screen. If added, the Revision input field will appear in the creation dialog of Test Executions, for example, whenever you create them from a Test Plan.  

Please note

Xray Cloud and Xray for Jira Server/on-premises are quite different in this aspect. While in Xray for Jira Server there are many custom fields that need to be configured on screens, either automatically or manually, on Xray Cloud you don't have most of those custom fields and thus you don't need to configure the screens for normal usage

Custom Fields

Upon Xray installation, the following custom fields are created in your Jira installation. They may be used in the normal operation of Xray, depending on how you set up your testing process. All Xray custom fields are included in the Jira Default Field Configuration. If you have specific field configurations for your project, please make sure to also include the Xray custom fields in these field configurations.

Learn more

For more details about each custom field provided by Xray, please take a look at Using custom fields.

Field NameTypeAvailable Context(s)
Begin Date
The start date of the Test Execution or Test Plan
Date Time Picker
Issue type(s):
End Date
The completion date for the Test Execution or Test Plan
Date Time Picker
Issue type(s):
The revision of the SUT being addressed by the Test Execution
Text Field (single line)
Issue type(s):
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