Xray's global settings are configured in Settings -> Apps -> Xray.

The following setting sections are provided:

  • Miscellaneous: general settings for Xray;
  • Test Types: configure custom Test Types;
  • Test Environments: configure global Test Environments;
  • BDD Step Libraries: define Global Libraries that can be shared across projects.
  • Parameter value lists: to define generic lists of values that can be referenced in datasets in Xray;
  • Test Statuses: configure custom Test Run statuses for Xray;
  • Test Step Statuses: configure custom Test Step statuses for Xray;
  • Default Column Layouts: configure your Xray license provided by Xblend Add-ons;
  • Cucumber: configure specific settings related to how Cucumber tests are handled;
  • API Keys: generate and configure API keys to be used in the REST API;
  • Migrations: to check the status for ongoing migrations and manage the previous migrations of Xray from Server to Cloud;
  • Backup: generate and download a backup of the Xray data;
  • Health Check: verify the configuration status of Xray.
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