In this page, the administrator can check the configuration status of Xray. When Xray is installed or enabled, several configuration steps are followed in order to create Jira entities such as issue types, custom fields and issue link types. This page verifies if all these entities are present in Jira.

The Health Check can have one of three statuses:

  1. OK - If all Xray entities are configured correctly
  2. Warning - There are some non-critical entities (e.g., issue link types, custom fields) that were not created in Jira or were not configured correctly in Xray
  3. Critical - There are some critical entities (e.g., issue types) that were not created in Jira or were not configured correctly in Xray

If the health check status is Warning, the Xray web panels will continue to work as expected, but some features will not be available (e.g., if there is a missing issue link type, users won't be able to create links between the Requirement and Test issues).

If the health check status is Critical, all Xray web panels will display an error and all Xray features will be disabled.

The solution for this is re-installing the app. If the error persists, the Jira administrators need to contact Xray support so that we can help find the cause of the invalid configuration.

This page will not check for problems related to inconsistent information in Xray issues such as invalid test status, coverage status or entity properties. For these inconsistency problems, you must reindex the affected projects using the Reindex project page.

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