Do you want to migrate from Xray Server/DC to Xray Cloud?

Learn more about how to migrate from Xray Server/DC to Xray Cloud at Jira Cloud Migration Guide.

These migrations are part of the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant which helps Jira users assess and migrate from an on-premise Jira instance (server or data center) to Jira Cloud.

Xray server app(version >=  5.0.0 ) is available within the official Atlassian Migration Assistant app. This means that the Xray app data is automatically migrated when a Jira cloud migration plan is created. Only for Xray projects or requirement projects.

Xray Cloud app has added a new page called "Migrations," which is located at the Jira Apps administration page inside of the Xray app section. Here, the Jira cloud admin sees all migration that was performed.


This page is only available after the first migration.

On this page, the Jira administrator can see all of the migrations that are done or ongoing. There are some details for each one, explained below. To see more detailed information about the migration plan the user just needs to click on the right-side action (details button).

NameThe migration's plan name defined on Jira server.

All the projects migrated on the migration plan.

Note: If a project is deleted after the migration, the project key won't appear on the table, the value will be replaced with a message as shown in the images above.

Created AtThe migration's creation time.
Created ByThe creator of the migration plan.

The migrations status.

Migration ready to start (Xray Server is sending data to cloud).

Migration is ongoing.


Migration is completed.

Migration failed.


Migration details

To see detailed information about a migration plan, click on the details button in the last column. This will open a dialog with the migration data. If your migration was successfully completed (with warnings) you will see something like this:

Warnings can be related to the global settings (i.e. test status already exists on the cloud) or project (i.e. cucumber settings weren't migrated).

In case the migrations are still running, you can check the progress for each entity.

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