Xray provides a gadget for viewing the test coverage report for a given set of requirement issues. The covered issues can span different projects, like the Test Coverage charts.


This gadget provides a quick way of evaluating the current coverage status of your project's requirements. You're able to visually identify the relevant requirements by filtering them beforehand, and determine whether they're covered or not. If they are, you can see their current status.

Xray makes it possible for you to analyze the requirements for a given version, taking into account the executions made for that version. Alternatively, it is possible to restrict the analysis by considering only the Tests that belong to a specific Test Plan; thus, you're able to evaluate the requirements coverage in the context of a given Test Plan. 


For more info, please check out the Requirements Coverage Analysis.

How to use

Source requirement issues for the chart can be provided by using a saved filter or by selecting a project:

  • Project or Saved filter: a saved filter or a project containing requirement issues.

Notice that "Project or Saved filter" must be select in order to use the gadget.

Additional configuration parameters for this gadget include:

  • Group By: group the requirements by a specific field/custom field;
  • Flat Requirements Presentation: if enabled, all parent and sub-requirements are shown at the same level (e.g., Epics and Stories); if disabled, only parent requirements are shown;

  • Execution Scope: Latest, Version or Test Plan;
  • Test Plan Key: the key of the Test Plan, if the Execution Scope is "Test Plan";
  • Analysis Version: the version, if the Execution Scope is "Version";
  • Test Environment: the environment;
  • Final Status Precedence: whether the final status have precedence over non-final ones;
  • Auto-generate gadget name: whether the name of the gadget should be generated based on its parameters or defined by the user.