This page allows project administrators the ability to configure Team-Managed projects with Xray.

Currently for Team-Managed projects, the project administrator must create the Xray issue types manually and then map these issue types with Xray entities.

Not all Xray issue types are required. In fact, you can even just use a Team-Managed project for Requirements (Epics, Stories), without creating any of the Xray issue types. On the other hand, if you need to have Xray testing entities in a Team-Managed project, please follow the steps bellow to create the Xray issue types:

Create Issue Types

You must navigate to your project configuration page and create the necessary issue types to map later to Xray entities. The possible issue types are:

  • Test
  • Precondition
  • Test Set
  • Test Plan
  • Test Execution

You can download the icons for the Xray issue types bellow:

Map Issue Types to Xray entities

The next step is to map the issue types created in the first step with Xray entities. You can do that by accessing the Xray "Issue Types Mapping" settings page and selecting the corresponding issue types:

Now you should be able to start creating Xray entities within your Team-Managed project. These issue types will behave exactly like the global Xray issue types that are installed by Xray.

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