As a project administrator, you can define new Test Step Fields to use in the context of your project.

All projects start with 3 Test Step Fields, Action, Data and Expected Result. These are the default Test Step fields and cannot be deleted, but can be set to optional/required or/and disabled with the exception of the Action which is always a required field.

Each project can have a maximum of 6 Test Step Fields (including the default ones) and the fields can be of the following types:

  • Toggle Switch
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Number
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select List
  • Select List (Multiple)
  • Text
  • Text (Single Line)
  • User Picker

Create a Test Step Field

To create a new Test Step Field, press the Create Test Step Field button, fill out the following fields, and press Create:

  • Type: the type of the Test Step Field;
  • Name: the name of the Test Step Field, which is always is required;
  • Description: the description of the Test Step Field;
  • Required: whether the Test Step Field is required when adding/creating a new Test Step to the Test issue;

Delete a Test Step Field

To delete a Test Step Field, press the "..." icon and then Delete option.

Note: When a Test Step Field is deleted all its information will be removed from the Test Steps.

Edit a Test Step Field

To edit a Test Step Field, press the "..." icon and then Edit option. You can change the Name, Description and whether the field is Required or not.

Also, to change the order of the value options of a Select Field simply drag the options to the desired position.

It is also possible to Disable the Test Step Field, which will hide the field in the Test Issue, even if it already has a value, and to set it Optional or Required using the "..." icon.

Rerank a Test Step Field

It's possible to change the order of the Test Step fields by dragging the rows. The order of the test step fields in the configuration screen is the same that will be shown in the tests issue screen.

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