As a project administrator, you can define which Test Types you want to use in the context of your project.

By default, each project inherits the globally-defined Test Types. However, each project can use its own Test Types. 

To use project-level settings, please make sure to Enable Project Settings at the top of the page.

Test Types created locally in a project are only visible within the scope of that project; in other words, local Test Types won't appear nor affect the global Test Types.

A Test Type is used as a way to characterize the Test in terms of its nature, so it can be clearly distinguished from others.

Each Xray Test Type can be one of three kinds:

  • Steps: structured; composed of multiple steps
  • Unstructured: unstructured; it has only one Definition field that can be used to define the Test case
  • Gherkin: a test composed of Gherkin statements.

Upon installation, Xray will create the following Test Types by default:

RankTest TypeKind




The rank is used to sort the values of the Test Type for a Test case. The default Test Type will be used when a Test issue or a Precondition is created.

Create a Test Type

To create a new Test Type, go to the Add New Test Type Option section at the bottom of the page, fill out the following fields, and press Add:

  • Option: the name for the Test Type option
  • Kind: the nature of the Test Type (e.g., Steps, Unstructured, Gherkin)

Delete a Test Type

  1. Click on Delete on the table entry corresponding to the test type.
  2. Click Confirm.

Note: When deleting a local Test Type option, all Tests in the current project having the same Test Type value will be migrated to the new Test Type provided by the user.

Change the order of a Test Type

You can modify the order by which the Test Type options appear in the Test Type selection dropdown in a Test issue by using the arrows available in the Order column.

One Test Type can be set as the default, which will then be used whenever a Test or Precondition issues are created. 

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