Storage is an Xray feature developed to help administrators manage their Jira projects' attachments, including attachments in test steps and evidence in execution results.

Xray data is stored separately in a dedicated database and does not count toward the attachment storage limit.

Before June 20, 2020, Xray attachments were stored in Jira issues, specifically Tests and Test Executions. However, these attachments often clogged these issues and consumed storage space in Jira. To address this issue, we have developed Storage: a solution to enable you to easily and quickly manage storage for Xray project attachments.

  • Attachments created before June 20, 2020, are still stored in the JIRA issues and will not be migrated to Xray Storage.
  • Attachments are also included in the Xray Backup.

Storage Limits

This means that if you have multiple Jira instances with Xray installed, each instance includes its own set of storage.


What Happens if I Exceed my Storage Limit?

Currently, the storage limits are not enforced. If your Xray installation exceeds the storage limit, we will not cancel your subscriptions or remove any data, as long as the usage follows Xray's acceptable use policy.

Please note that we are planning to enforce storage limits soon. We will notify you in advance in case you want to upgrade.

How do I Track my Storage Usage?

At Xray Settings, you can check your storage usage and also conduct cleaning actions to free space or even upgrade. 

To learn more about how to track and manage your Xray Storage usage, please refer to the Storage feature documentation.

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