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Models can be built by hand or using a web scanner (i.e. a Chrome extension), in case you're targetting web-based systems. The later latter will create objects that will contain the necessary identifiers (e.g. XPath, CSS), so they can be later on run by an automation framework.


Test ModellerXrayExamples
Test/Test case/Test path

Test (manual/structured)

  • Test' Summary field is based on Test Path's name on TM. Please see the Setup section ahead, namelly the configuration of "Field Mappings"
  • It may be linked to one requirement, during the export operation

Note: Tests are auto-provisioned whenever doing an explicit exporting of the test suite using the Xray connector profile


(e.g. Task, Waypoint)

Test step

Note: only Actions having the property Test Step enabled will be mapped to a test step in Xray.

results, of a given Test Case

Test Run


In order to setup set up the integration, we need to configure and add a an Xray connector profile to your project in Test Modeller.


It's also important to configure the "Field Mappings", as these are used to identify how the information will be mapped into the Test issue and to the step fields.


The following video shows how you can see how to setup set up the integration between Test Modeller and Xray.