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  1. Create Cucumber tests (e.g., Scenario/Scenario Outlines) and their respective step code in some other tool.
  2. Import existing Cucumber tests using the REST API (e.g., from an existing code base which may have tests, and their corresponding step implementation) 
  3. Optionally, and in parallel, 
    1. Specify additional or edit existing Cucumber tests in natural language, in Jira.
    2. Implement remaining tests in code and commit them to the source code versioning system.
  4. Export Cucumber features from Jira to the CI environment, using the REST API or the Jenkins/Bamboo plugins.
  5. Execute tests in the CI environment.
  6. Report results to Xray, using the REST API (or CI plugins, if available).
  7. Repeat from step 3 onwards.
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See Automated Tests (Import/Export) Generate Cucumber Features for more information on how Cucumber feature files are generated and how to import back results to Xray.