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If you are an Xray administrator, you can create additional Test Step statuses. These statuses are applied to Test Step results. Each status can have a name, description, have a specific color and a Test Run Status.

If you delete a status and there are Test Step results in this particular status, then you'll be prompted for a migration status field to update the affected Test Steps. 

Native Test Step statuses can't be modified nor deleted.

Create or Modify a Custom Step Status

New Test Step statuses can be created and all existing custom statuses can be modified.

To create a new custom status, press Create on the Manage Test Step Statuses administration page. A new page will be displayed with a form containing the following fields:

  • Name: the name for the custom field, with the following syntax: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-/]{2,18}$
  • Description: the description for the custom status
  • Color: the color for the new custom status.
  • Test Status: the test status to map this status when calculating requirement coverage.

Deleting a Custom Status

Custom statuses can also be deleted from Jira. To delete an existing custom status, press the delete link next to the status on the Manage Test Step Statuses administration page.

If deleting a custom status that is already associated with Test Steps, all affected Test Steps will be migrated to another status (native or custom). You will be prompted to select that new status.