July 06, 2019

The Xray team is proud to announce the release of Xray Cloud 1.1.33-1.008.000. This version includes a ton of new features from which we highlight the Test Repository, the possibility to import Robot Framework execution results and a new Gadget to list Test Runs.

Release highlights 

Test Repository in Xray Cloud (smile)

Xray Cloud now provides the Test Repository concept which enables the hierarchical organization of Tests at the project level by allowing users to organize Tests in folders and sub-folders. Of course, you can continue to use Test Sets to organize Tests in flat lists. Both options are possible and work well together. 

From the Test Repository it is also possible to:

  • Create Tests
  • Create a Test Set for selected folder/Tests
  • Create a Test Plan for selected folder/Tests
  • Create a Test Execution for selected folder/Tests

Learn more about the Test Repository concept here.

A new gadget that lists Test Runs

The new Test Runs List gadget provides a list of Test Runs for a group of Test Execution issues.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • see all of the runs of a given Test Execution
  • see all of the runs of all Test Executions associated with a Version
  • see all of the runs associated with a particular component
  • see the executions performed by or assigned to a specific user.

Learn more about the Test Runs List gadget here.

Support for Robot Framework reports

Robot Framework is a generic open source automation framework for acceptance testing, acceptance test-driven development (ATDD), and robotic process automation (RPA). It has easy-to-use tabular test data syntax and it utilizes the keyword-driven testing approach. Its testing capabilities can be extended by test libraries implemented either with Python or Java. Users can create new higher-level keywords from existing ones using the same syntax that is used for creating test cases.

Xray now supports importing results directly from the XML reports generated by the Robot Framework.


Learn more about the integration with Robot Framework here.

Importing execution results with a JSON template for creating Test cases

It is now possible to import execution results and provide a JSON template document to create Test cases. Possible usage scenarios include required fields in Test issues and any additional information for Test cases when they are created automatically by Xray.

Learn more about importing execution results here.

And more...

Supported Languages

  • Added support for German language. Now Xray supports English, Spanish and German.


Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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