6 May 2022

The Xray team is proud to announce the release of Xray 6.2.0.

This version features an enhanced Overall Coverage Report, creating folders in the Test Repository when importing Cucumber tests, improved filtering of Test Runs within a Test, and many other UX improvements.

Upgrade Notes

Upgrading Xray to 6

If you are upgrading from a version lower than 3.2, this implies that an upgrade task will run to pre-calculate historical data. This is a one-time action that will run in the background so that Xray is still available during the upgrade. A  re-index operation of your Jira instance is required so that the internal data becomes searchable and usable by Xray.

Please be aware that this upgrade task will run immediately after updating Xray. As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray outside of business hours. It is always possible to cancel the recalculation operation in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields → Maintenance.

If you are upgrading from v3.2.x or v3.3.x to v6, you must recalculate data in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields. This recalculation is necessary because of the huge improvement in the amount of data that Xray needs to add to the table and to the Lucene indexes.

As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray and the recalculation of the custom fields, outside of business hours.

Downgrading from Xray 6

Downgrading from Xray 5.x.x to a previous version will have the following side-effects on Test Runs with a dataset:

  • Test parameters will no longer be converted on the Test Run page, this includes Test Step definitions and Pre-Conditions;
  • When loading a Test Run created on version 5.x.x, the merge/reset message will be displayed;
  • When merging a Test Run created on version 5.x.x with the new Test Step definition, all Test Step results will be updated but the reset/merge message will still be displayed;
  • A Test Run created on version 5.x.x with iterations will be displayed in a "flat mode." The iterations will no longer be available and all the Test Step results from each iteration will be presented on the Test Steps section;
  • After the downgrade, the integrity checker will fail on "Check for invalid Mementos" for all Test Runs created on version 5.x.x. We recommend running the integrity checker before downgrading to get rid of possible invalid mementos.

Downgrading from Xray 6.x.x to a previous version will have the following side-effects:

  • Test Issue:
    • A Call Test will be converted to a regular test step with a warning message
  • Test Run Page
    • The Merge/Reset action will be displayed

The Test Step Custom Fields and Test Run Custom Fields of the type "User Picker" will have to be deleted in the project configuration as they are not supported. Following that, the Test Runs that are using a User Picker field will have to be merged or reset. This includes Test Runs that have the field for the Test Run itself and also Test Runs for Manual Tests where the Test Steps contained the User Picker field.

Downgrading from Xray 6.x to a version less than 3.2.0 implies that you must perform a re-index afterward. This is because from Xray 3.2.0 onwards, the content and format of what Xray indexes have changed.

Historical Coverage Gadget

Some configuration parameters for this gadget were modified as a result of supporting multiple projects whenever using a saved filter as a source. It is possible that some users will get errors on the gadget after downgrading from 4.x. If this happens, please edit the configuration to ensure the gadget is configured properly. 

Release highlights 

Enhanced Overall Coverage Report

The Overall Coverage Report now supports up to five levels of depth of Requirements and Sub-Requirements.

For example, you can have a requirement hierarchy like Epic > Capability > Feature > Story and you will be able to trace down all requirements by expanding the parent requirement.  

Find out more about this feature here.

Replicate folder structure when importing Cucumber tests

When importing Cucumber feature files using the Xray REST API, it is possible to choose if Xray will replicate the folder structure of the input zip file that is being imported.

Learn more here.

Improved filtering of Test Runs within a Test

Filtering Test Runs within a Test issue has improved. It is now possible to use any issue field (native or custom fields) on basic searches and use JQL directly.

The filter values (and JQL) are also saved in user preferences so that users do not lose context when navigating between issues and reports. 

Learn more about this feature here.

And more...

UX Improvements


Just one last, yet important, thing...

Documentation is always important and sometimes you may miss it. We added a set of relevant articles to our already extensive documentation.

In this release, we have created a new section dedicated to Migration where you will find documentation that will help with migrations from other tools.

The first entry in this section showcases the Test Case Importer with different examples available. You can find the code for these tutorials, and more, in our GitHub account. Check them out and let us know your feedback (smile) 

We also released a JavaScript client library for Xray (Data Center & Cloud) as an open-source NPM package, for assisting in importing test results to Xray right from JavaScript code; check it out!

All New Features and Bug Fixes in this release