26 October 2015

The Xray for JIRA team announces the release of Xray 1.11.0. This release contains several new features and bug fixes and supports JIRA 7.

Highlights for this release

Support for JIRA 7

Xray for JIRA is now compatible with JIRA 7. We will continue to provide support for both major versions of JIRA (6 and 7) with either bug fixes and new features.


Adding Tests or Test Sets from a saved filter


A new filter option is now available on the Xray issue selector dialog to allow Tests or Test Sets to be filtered by a JIRA saved filter. This filter will help narrow the scope when searching for Tests or Test Sets to add to Test Executions or when searching for Tests to add to Test Sets.

New JQL functions


New JQL functions are now available in Xray version 1.11.0. These include:

  • testTestExecutions (new parameter supported) - Returns a list of test executions associated with the input Test Issues optionally filtered by the current test run status for each Test issue. This function now supports a saved filter id or name as parameter for the input Test Executions.
  • manualTestsWithoutSteps - Returns a list of manual tests that have no test steps.
  • testExecWithTestRunsAssignedToUser - Returns a list of test executions where a user has at least one test run assigned to him. You can optionally specify a user, or if the user is omitted the current user will be used. Note that if you are not logged in to JIRA, a user must be specified.

Please check the available JQL queries here: http://confluence.xpand-it.com/display/XRAY/%5BR1.11.0%5DJQL+Queries


New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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