12 June 2015

The Xray for JIRA team announces the release of Xray 1.9.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.

Upgrading to Xray 1.9.0

Breaking Changes

Deleted Tests and Test Runs

In previous version of Xray, when Test issues where deleted, the Test Runs where preserved. Starting from version 1.9.0 of Xray, when Test issues are deleted all respective Test Runs will also be deleted including all execution information. Test Runs from previously deleted Test issues will no longer be visible but they will be kept in the database. We have decided to remove this behaviour because users expect executions be deleted when deleting Test issues. Also this feature was becoming very hard to maintain and even preventing new and more interesting features from being implemented.

Highlights for this release

Xray Project Template

Xray for JIRA now provides a project template for creating Test projects in JIRA. The projects created using this template include Xray default issue types and screen configuration. The following dedicated entities will be created: Issue Type Scheme, Issue Type Screen Scheme, Screen Schemes and Xray Default Screens.

Assign Test Runs

Xray now provides the ability to assign individual Test Runs on a Test Execution issue. Now you can choose between assign Test Executions to individual Testers or within the same Test Execution, assign Test Runs. The default assignee for a Test Run is always the Test Execution issue assignee.

Configure Test Run Columns on Test Execution Screen



Starting from Xray version 1.9.0 you will be able to configure which columns to see in the Test Runs table on the Test Execution screen. Each user can have it's own stored column layout configuration. The default column layout can be configured in Xray administration and the user can restore the default column layout.


New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


T Key Summary P Status Resolution

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