15 May 2019

The Xray team announces the bug fix release of Xray 3.3.7.

If installing manually from Atlassian Marketplace, please make sure you install the correct asset for your Jira version (i.e. 7.x, 8.x, datacenter) from the releases page.

Upgrading from an Xray version lower than v3.2.0?

Starting from Xray v3.2.0, the amount of information indexed by Jira's Lucene framework has increased. In order to not increase the index time, Xray is now pre-calculating this data so when re-indexing there is less calculation to be done.

Whenever installing Xray from a version lower than 3.2.0, this implies that an upgrade task must run to pre-calculate historical data. This action is a one time action and it will run in the background so that Xray is still available during the upgrade. However, this process may be long and CPU intensive depending on the Jira instance size and thus we recommend to perform the upgrade at off-peak times.

In order to manage this calculation, Xray provides a panel inside "Custom Field" preferences page from where you can stop, start and follow the progress of it.

Test Repository and Test Plan Board Integrity

Xray v3.3.7 fixes an issue that would lead to problems in the integrity of a Test Plan Board XRAY-3940 - Getting issue details... STATUS . This means that in versions greater than v3.3.7 this will no longer cause issues in the Integrity of a Test Plan Board.

There is still a known way to cause integrity issues but it requires performing changes while Xray is disabled/uninstalled which makes it impossible for Xray to prevent these errors from happening.

To address the errors in the data caused when using a previous version of Xray, or the previously stated method when entering a Test Repository/Test Plan Board if integrity errors are detected a new message will be displayed:

Depending on the dimension of the repository and how many errors are present, the 'Fix' process may take a few minutes to complete. While this process is running the repository will not be available and the following message will be displayed:

Please follow the instructions: - wait a few minutes and then refresh the page. If the process has finished, you will be able to use the repository normally. If the process is still running, the same warning message will be displayed.

Bug Fixes in this release

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