19 September 2019

The Xray team is proud to announce the release of Xray 3.5.0.

The main goal for this version is to improve filtering capabilities on Test Executions and the Test Coverage reports. Users can now choose any field in Jira to filter and use JQL.

Another relevant feature is the ability to provide a custom JSON file when importing execution results to specify how the Tests will be created in Jira. 

As part of our continuous improvement, more performance enhancements have also been included in this version.

Discover the key features below. (smile)

Upgrading Xray to 3.5.x

If you are upgrading from a version lower than 3.2, this implies that an upgrade task will run to pre-calculate historical data. This action is a one time action and it will run in the background so that Xray is still available during the upgrade. A  re-index  operation of your Jira instance is required so that the internal data becomes searchable and usable by Xray.

Please be aware that this upgrade task will run immediately after updating Xray. As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray outside of business hours. It is always possible to cancel the recalculation operation in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields → Maintenance.

If you are upgrading from v3.2.x or v3.3.x to v3.5, you must recalculate data in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields. This recalculation is necessary because of the huge improvement in the amount of data that Xray needs to add to the table and to the Lucene indexes.

As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray and the recalculation of the custom fields, outside of business hours.

Downgrading from Xray 3.5.x

Downgrading from Xray 3.5.x to a version less than 3.2.0 implies that you must perform a re-index afterwards. This is because from Xray 3.2.0 onwards, the content and format of what Xray indexes, has changed.

Historical Coverage Gadget

Some configuration parameters for this gadget were modified as a result of supporting multiple projects whenever using a saved filter as a source. It is possible that some users will get errors on the gadget after downgrading from 3.5.x. If this happens, please edit the configuration to ensure the gadget is configured properly. 

Release highlights 

Filter including additional fields and JQL

Users can now include any issue field (native or custom fields) on the filters component within a Test Execution. JQL searches are also possible as of now.

We have applied this new filter component on the following Test Coverage reports:

  • Overall Test Coverage
  • Traceability
  • Historical Test Coverage

For example, users can now filter requirements by Sprint on the Coverage reports. In fact, the Sprint field is now a default field on these reports.

Of course, these filters are also saved in user preferences so that context is not lost when navigating between issues and reports. 

This is just the beginning as we plan to retrofit this component in more web panels in future versions of Xray.

Learn more about this feature here.

Importing execution results with a JSON template for creating Test cases

It is now possible to import execution results and provide a JSON template document to create Test cases.

Possible usage scenarios include required fields in Test issues and any additional information for Test cases when they are created automatically by Xray.

Learn more about importing execution results here.

Performance improvements

As part of our continuous performance improvements, we have enhanced the loading times of the Requirement issue's Test Coverage web panel. We have also improved the Test Repository folder load times.

Improving performance is an ongoing effort, so expect additional enhancements to come ahead.

Please take a look at Usage tips to improve performance, containing setup and usage best practices.

And more...

GadgetsTest RepositoryExecution
  • The Historical Daily Requirement Coverage Gadget now supports multiple projects when using a saved filter as source. The Gadget configuration parameters have also been simplified.
  • You can now navigate directly from a Test issue into the Test Repository. The "Test Repository Path" custom field now contains a link that will open the Test Repository on the Test issue folder.
  • A new project permission was added by Xray to override the permission to execute Tests.

New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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