12 February 2020

The Xray team announces the bugfix release of Xray 3.6.2.

Getting ready for Anonymizing users

Jira 8.7 offers the possibility of fully anonymizing users. A typical use case is a user that leaves the company and wants to be "forgotten" in the company system. You can read more here.

Starting from v3.6.2, Xray will also support Anonymizing user details

Xray displays user information on multiple screens. Some examples include:

  • Test, Pre-Condition, Test Set, Test Execution or Test Plan's assignee
  • Test Run execution screen
    • global information
      • assignee
      • executed by
    • activity log

As Xray uses and leverages Jira issue types for most of its entities, the anonymization of issue-level information is handled by Jira itself.

Test Runs are an exception as these entities are fully managed by Xray; at that level, anonymization is handled by Xray on the Test Run specific information (i.e. assignee) and related activity information.

Before anonymizing

The Test Execution screenshot ahead shows a valid user assigned to the Test Run; the user information is provided by Jira.

After anonymizing

After anonymization occurs, the previous user is replaced with an anonymized variant of it.

Bug Fixes in this release

XRAY-5023 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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