Xray allows Project Managers to configure fields to be filled when executing a Test

Custom fields


A project manager can create custom fields to be available when executing Tests

Mandatory fields

  • Name: a unique name for custom field
  • Test Type: Xray Test Type to be associated with the custom field. A user can configure different custom fields for different Test Types

Type of fields Available

Available step fields:

  • Toggle
  • Date Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Number field
  • Radio button
  • Select lists (single choice and multi choices)
  • Text field (single and multi-line)

Actions available

Custom fields can be:

  • edited
  • set as required/optional
  • deleted

Limit of Fields

Xray allows up to 3 fields for each type of Test. 

Impact of configuration changes on existing executions of Tests

Please be aware that a change on a custom field that is being used in a Test already being executed may request an action to reset or merge the test definition: Updating the definition of the Test after execution started

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