Sometimes, you may want to copy Tests specified in some other Jira server, such as a staging or testing environment.

If you need to "migrate" (i.e., copy) the Tests to another Jira server, you may follow the instructions above for exporting Tests to CSV and to import them from CSV.

The general procedure would be:

  1. In the source Jira server
    1. filter out the relevant Test issues in the Issues search screen
    2. make visible the columns you want to migrate (don't forget to include the Summary, Issue Type, Test Type, Manual Test Steps and other mandatory fields)
    3. export visible fields to CSV
  2. In the destination JIRA server
    1. import Tests from CSV using Jira's built-in CSV importer (don't forget to map all the mandatory fields)

What you will be able to copy:

  • Test-related fields (e.g., summary, labels, etc.)
  • Test Type (mandatory)
  • Manual Test Steps (mandatory for Manual tests)
  • attachments (step-level) if present in the target Jira server directories and mapped in the Manual Test Step Json

What you won't be able to copy:

  • related entities and links (because they won't exist in the destination Jira server)

Please note

This procedure allows you to migrate the essential Test specifications. If you need to migrate test runs and other information, then this procedure is not applicable. You may use the REST API, but it will require some work from your side since there is no direct way to migrate it.

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