Exporting Cucumber Tests

When exporting Cucumber feature files, the Export Cucumber Features rules are followed. The input for the export REST method is a String containing Jira issue keys separated by ";".

These keys must reference issues with the Xray issues types Test, Test Set, Test Execution or Test Plan or any issue type mapped to the Requirement issue type. 

A mix of these issue types is supported. In the same export call, you can include keys from each of the above issue types. The service will build a set of Test issues based on these keys. This set will include all direct Tests issues and all Test issues associated with either Test Sets, Test Executions or Test Plans matched and all the tests for the requirements matched.

The reference to keys in Jira will be necessary for importing back the execution results to the respective Test and Test Execution issues.

Returns the generated feature file(s) for the Tests matched by the input "keys" or/and by the input "filter" and by the input "fz". 




a String containing a list of issue keys separated by ";"

filterIntegeran Integer that represents the filter id
fzBooleana Boolean that indicates if the export of single feature files has to be a compressed zip file

keys and filter query parameters are optional if the other one provided but they can both be provided at the same time. fz query parameter is also optional and its default value is false.

Example Request






200 OK : application/octet-stream : Successful. A file will be downloaded with the generated feature files. If multiple features where generated the result is a compressed zip file. If it is just a single feature file and the query parameter fz is true, then the result is also a compressed file zip. Otherwise a plain text file will be downloaded.

400 BAD_REQUEST : text/plain : No feature files where generated. Please check Jira log.

401 UNAUTHORIZED : text/plain : The Xray license is not valid.

500  INTERNAL SERVER ERROR : text/plain : An internal error occurred when generating the feature file(s).

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