The Xray issue picker dialog is often used in the issue view page when you need to search for other issues to add, link or associate to.

From R3.4.0 the Xray issue picker dialog had major improvements, it now features:

  • Three ways of picking the issues, using the Select, Search or JQL tabs.
  • The Search tab view (previously very similar to Jira basic issue search) has been reorganised, the filters are now displayed on the left side and issue results table on the right.
  • The dialog area as also been increased in size and the results table can now display more issues.

Issue Picker Dialog

Please Note

The most advanced format of the Issue Picker Dialogue is the one presented when you add Tests or Test Sets to a Test Execution. 

In this specific case before adding the selected tests you can define the execution assignee by using the upper right corner Assignee dropdown, wich provides you a suggestions list with the user type fields found in the tests. 

If you choose one of these fields for example the "Test Reporter" field, the assignee of the resultant Test Run will be the user set in the Test Reporter field of the respective test.

Notice the setting for ignoring Tests in non-executable statuses at the bottom-left side.

By default it will be selected, therefore restricting the shown Tests available for adding accordingly to the configuration "Miscellaneous > Workflow Status > ".

Select Tab

This tab provides you an issue selector with a suggested list of recent issues or you can search by the text contained in the Summary.

How to add issues using the Select tab:

- Input the desired Test Issue Key on the Tests field.
- Click on the Down Arrow on the Tests field and select the Test from its History Search list.
- Click on the + button wich will prompt an Issue Selector Pop-Up. 
- Click on the Search tab to use the Find Jira issues browser.

Search Tab

How to add issues using the Search tab:

Search Test Issues - In order to search for Tests to be associated, you can, under the Search tab:

- Browse for the desired Test ProjectType or terms it Contains.
- Click on the More button to add more browse fields such as LabelTest SetTest Set Fix VersionRequirement, Requirement Fix Version, Saved Filter and Workflow Status.
- Click on the Magnifier button after filling out the browse fields to get a list of matching entries 


You can search for issues using the various filters Xray provides.

In this tab, you will find a "Filter(s)" button that allows you to add and remove searchable fields that are available for the Issue Type being searched, and in Jira's global context. Any other custom field that is not available in the Jira global context (i.e. not available for all Projects) must be searched using the JQL tab.

When you are done selecting the field to be searched, you can click on the "Search" button below. The results will be displayed in the right section of the page in a table format.

In this results table, you can also select what columns you want to see. Just like in the "Filter(s)" button, the "Columns" button allows you to add or remove any column you want.

After selecting/removing the columns you want to see, simply click "Done" and the results table will re-generated. If you ever want or need to revert to the default columns, you can click on the "Restore Defaults" link available in the Columns button.

Performance Impact

Please note that having too many columns may have a negative impact on the time needed to generate the Results Table.

If you wish, you may sort the entries in the results table by a given field: when you have a sortable field as a column in the table, you can click on the field/column name and all results will be sorted in ascending order; click it again to sort them in descending order.

You can also re-order the columns in the results table by dragging the column name to the desired place.

Finally, in order to add issues, you can select the issues you want by clicking on the respective checkbox and then by picking the "Add selected" button in the bottom left of the screen. If you want to add all issues, simply select the "Add all" button.

Please note that the issues will be added by the order that they were selected.


If you need more flexibility, you can also search using Jira's native JQL.

Everything you can do in the Results Table in the Search Tab, you can also do here: Add/Remove Columns, Order the results, Re-ordering columns and picking the issues selected by clicking on the issue's checkboxes. For more information, please read more about these features in the section above.

Add Selected/ Add All

Xray allows you to add selected issues, or all issues, returned by clicking on the highlighted buttons.

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