The options available in General Settings are:

A Jira re-index operation is recommended when there are changes to Issue Type Mappings.

Issue Type Mapping

The Xray Administrator can choose which of the available issue types should be mapped as Requirements or Defects by dragging the available issue types to the corresponding target boxes. The same issue type can be mapped both as a Requirement and a Defect.


In this section, you can define how Requirements and Sub-Requirements are associated. If the Jira link mechanism is used, then the Issue Link Type must be chosen as well as the direction from the parent requirement to the child requirement. If Sub-Tasks are used, then simply check the Use Sub-Tasks Issues option. Note: The Sub-Task requirement issue types must also be associated with "Requirements" in the Issue Type Mapping section. 

Use Sub-Task Issues

When this option is enabled, Sub-Requirements are associated with Requirements by Sub-Task Issues. When this option is disabled, Sub-Requirements are associated with Requirements with issue links configured below.

Use Epic - Story relation

When this option is enabled, Story issues are associated with Epic issues as Sub-Requirements.

Issue Link Type

If Sub-Requirements are not defined as sub-tasks, you can configure a Jira link to define this association. Select the issue link type for the Requirement - Sub-Requirement relationship.


Select the Link Direction for the parent > child relationship of the Requirement > Sub-Requirement.

For more information on Requirement Status and coverage calculation, please refer to Coverage Analysis.

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