Deprecation Notice

This tool is deprecated and is going to be removed on future versions.

From Xray 2.1 onwards, the preferred way of importing Manual Tests is by using Xray's Test Case Importer, as detailed in Importing Manual Tests using Test Case Importer.

For some users, it is easier to create Manual Test definitions in a spreadsheet and then import them to Xray using the import procedure described in Importing Tests with (CSV). Xray provides a  xray-converter tool to make it straightforward.

It converts a CSV, that basically contains the steps definitions, into the generic Jira CSV-compatible import format, which requires all rows to be filled. 

Conversion overview

  1. Your step definitions must be defined in a spreadsheet that follows a specific format (see table below). You can either use an example file as basis, or adapt your already existing spreadsheet.
  2. Then, you may run xray-converter to convert the "steps spreadsheet" into the generic CSV format supported by Jira/Xray.
  3. Don't forget that in the end, you will have to import the tests using the newly-created CSV file, as described in Importing Tests with (CSV).

Layout of spreadsheet with steps

Your spreadsheet must strictly follow this format (example file):

1QA Test RepositoryAMERTestTestTest Case 1App1Test Description 1Ivaan, Iftekhar: IT (NYK)TrivialJava,TestManualBrowse to home page shows

Click login


Enter Useridiivaan

Enter Passwordxyz123OK button enable

Click OK
Welcome Msg shows
2QA Test RepositoryAMERTestTestTest Case 2App1Test Description 2Ivaan, Iftekhar: IT (NYK)TrivialJava,TestManualBrowse to home page shows

Click OK
Welcome Msg shows
3QA Test RepositoryAMERTestTestTest Case 3App1,App2Test Description 3Ivaan, Iftekhar: IT (NYK)TrivialJava,TestManualBrowse to home page shows

The TCID must be the first column of your spreadsheet and the Step, Data and Expected_Result the last three columns. These columns are mandatory; otherwise, the conversion won't work properly.

It is also recommended that you always have the Issue_Type and the Test_Type columns in order to force Jira to create your tests with the correct Issue Type and Test Type.

Export steps spreadsheet to CSV

Export your "steps spreadsheet" to CSV and set your separator type as ;. You'll now have a file similar to the following output (example file).

1;QA Test Repository;AMER;Test;Test;Test Case 1;App1;Test Description 1;Ivaan, Iftekhar: IT (NYK);Trivial;Java,Test;Manual;Browse to url;;BN home page shows
1;;;;;;;;;;;;Clicl login;;
1;;;;;;;;;;;;Enter Userid;iivaan;
1;;;;;;;;;;;;Enter Password;xyz123;OK button enable
1;;;;;;;;;;;;Click OK;;Welcome Msg shows
2;QA Test Repository;AMER;Test;Test;Test Case 2;App1;Test Description 2;Ivaan, Iftekhar: IT (NYK);Trivial;Java,Test;Manual;Browse to url;;BN home page shows
2;;;;;;;;;;;;Click OK;;Welcome Msg shows
3;QA Test Repository;AMER;Test;Test;Test Case 3;App1,App2;Test Description 3;Ivaan, Iftekhar: IT (NYK);Trivial;Java,Test;Manual;Browse to url;;BN home page shows

Make sure you have Java environment installed on your machine and set JAVA_HOME. Detailed instructions are in


  1. Copy the CSV with the steps to the data/ subdirectory within the xray-converter folder.

  2. Run the xray-converter (see syntax below).
  3. Import the issues to Jira using Jira's native CSV import feature.

In Unix based systems or OS X, you must use the executable; in Windows, you should use the xray-converter.bat batch file.


ArgumentDescriptionExample (based on spreadsheet example)
-pathThe path to the file to convert-path ./data/SampleTestCase.csv
-dataThe test step's Data column name-data Data
-resultThe test step's Expected Result column name-result Expected_Result
-stepThe test step's Step column name-step Step
-attrDelimiterThe delimiter used in the file to separate the different attributes-attrDelimiter ";"
-testDelimiterThe delimiter used in the file to separate the different tests to import or please provide the column name. When this cell value changes, it means that the line represents a new Test.-testDelimiter TCID



./ -path ./data/SampleTestCase1.csv  -step Step -data Data -result Expected_Result -attrDelimiter ";" -testDelimiter TCID


xray-converter.bat .\data\SampleTestCase.csv Step Data Expected_Result ";" TCID

When executing the xray-converter.bat file, you do not specify the argument's names, but you must follow the order shown in the example.

When exporting from XLS to CSV, choose the option: "CSV (comma separated)".

The test steps in the XLS cannot contain the character " at the end of any line; otherwise, the exported document will be unformatted.


If you get an error like

'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

it's because Windows is not interpreting the JAVA path correctly.


C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45

You can fix it by providing JAVA_HOME path with a "" e.g., "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_45" or more radically, copy this folder to C:\jdk1.8.0_45 and change JAVA_HOME to C:\jdk1.8.0_45


  1. Download xray-converter here
  2. Unzip it to a directory of your choice.

Archive location

New version. Compatible with newlines inside cells ("\n", "\r").

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