22 February 2016

The Xray for JIRA team announces the release of Xray 1.12.0. This release contains several new features and bug fixes.

Upgrading to Xray 1.12.0

Breaking Changes

Test Execution Details section no longer available

In previous versions of Xray, you could edit the Test Execution custom fields provided by Xray (namely the Begin and End dates and the Revision field) using a custom section provided in the Test Execution issue view page. We have decided to remove this section to save some space and to show the Test Runs section immediately when viewing the Test Execution issue. Starting form version 1.12.0 of Xray, these custom fields will be available in the appropriate native JIRA sections on the Test Execution view issue page. The Begin and End dates will be located on the Dates section and the Revision will be located on the Details section of the Test Execution issue. These fields are only shown if they are already populated in the create or edit Test Execution issue screen.

Highlights for this release

Add-hoc executions

You can now create add-hoc executions for a given Test case. A new action named "Execute In" is now provided in the Test Runs section on the Test view issue page. You can now easily create a Test Execution for a given Test issue or even associate a Test with an existing Test Execution directly from the Test issue page.


Improved layout and performance for requirement coverage reports

The performance of requirement coverage charts has been improved. Also, a new layout is available for the requirement coverage charts in the project page. This new layout is only available for JIRA 7.


Improved REST API

Xray provides new REST API methods for managing Tests (including manual Test Steps), Test Sets, Test Executions and Test Runs.

Please check the improved REST API.

View Test Run details in read only mode

Xray now allows users without execution permission on Test Execution issues to view existing Test Run results. Users are able to access the execution page in read only mode.


Support for Behave JSON import format

The Behave JSON report format is now directly supported by Xray. You can generate the JSON execution report with Behave and import the results directly to JIRA using the Test Execution import action or the Xray REST API.


New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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