22 January 2015

The Xray for JIRA team announces the release of Xray 1.7.0. This point release contains several new features and bug fixes.

Upgrading to Xray 1.7.0

End of support for JIRA 5.x

Xray 1.7.0 no longer supports JIRA 5.x. The number of active instances of JIRA 5.x using Xray is minimal and therefore Xpand IT decided not to support this platform starting from Xray 1.7.0. The cost of supporting this version makes it harder to provide the level of support our customers have come to expect from us.

Breaking Changes

Requirement Coverage

The Requirement Coverage charts page now includes additional filters. You can either search using some basic fields or use an existing saved filter.

In previous versions, the existing Version field in the Requirement Coverage project page, served two purposes:

  1. Filtering Requirement issues by "Fix Version" (where you could also choose to "Include Previous Version" requirements)
  2. Calculate the Requirement Status based in that version

With the inclusion of additional filters (and specifically the "Fix Version" filter) we have separated the old "version" field into "Fix Version" and "Analysis Version". So the old version field located in chart header bar now only serves as the "Analysis Version".

Also, now you can choose to ignore the "Analysis Version" by choosing "None". This will calculate the Requirement status based in the latest execution, independently of the version. This option makes the Requirement Coverage Strategy "Unversioned Requirement Coverage" obsolete. Hence, Xray 1.7.0 removes this option migrating the Requirement Coverage Strategy to "Use versioned Test Executions for Requirement Coverage".

Requirement Coverage Gadgets

The Requirement Coverage Gadgets were also updated to reflect these changes and now include a "Saved Filter" picker for filtering Requirement issues. The existing version field serves only as the analysis version.

Because we do not include a "Fix Version" filter in the gadgets, the number of Requirement issues can change after the update because they are not being filtered by "Fix Version" anymore. Please use a "Saved Filter" or Requirement issues to filter the desired requirements.

JQL function "requirements"

As a side effect of these Requirement Coverage changes, the "requirements" JQL function provided by Xray was also modified. This might affect "Saved Filters" that were using this JQL function.

Here is the new signature:

requirements(status, project, version, flatten, toDate)

The parameter "PreviousVersions" for indicating whether to include or not the previous versions was removed because the version field will now be used only for calculating the Requirement Status and not filtering Requirements.

Please check the updated JQL documentation for this function.

Highlights for this release

Custom Test Statuses

Xray add-on now supports adding custom statuses for Test Runs. This can be configured in Xray administration section.


Requirement Coverage Chart Filters

The Requirement Coverage Charts project page now contains additional filters. You can also choose an existing "Saved Filter" for requirements.

If you do not want to analyse your requirements in a specific version you now can choose "None" in the version filed. The requirement status will be calculated based on the latest execution for each Test, independently of the execution version.

Tests Project Page

Xray now provides a Tests project page for filtering Tests and analysing Test Status in any version.


JIRA Data Center

Xray add-on now supports JIRA Data Center. Please check the JIRA documentation on Data Center.


New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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