24 September 2018

The Xray team announces the release of the new Xray TeamCity Plugin. The integration of Xray in the TeamCity Continuous Integration Platform is now easier.

Download it here.

 Highlights for this release

Supports all the standard Xray specific tasks

You can now easily configure Xray-specific build steps to export/import Cucumber features from/to JIRA and to import the results from your automated testing framework to JIRA, either if it's based on Cucumber, JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, Robot framework, Behave reports or Xray's own JSON report.

Supports remote agents

You can either run your builds locally or remotely and Xray tasks should work seamless.

Supports Xray on-premises and on Cloud

You can interact with Xray, no matter if you're using the standard Jira server/datacenter or if you're using Xray on Jira Cloud.

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