Xray provides a gadget to analyse the overall test results distribution by their status. The test issues can span different projects.


This gadget provides a quick way enables of evaluating the status for some Tests, taking into account the results obtained in the context of a version or of a Test Plan.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • See the amount of Tests, by current status, for a specific Version or Test Plan (i.e. have an overview of the Tests in the context of a version or of a Test Plan)
  • Analyse the overall progress of a Test Plan
  • Analyse the overall status of some Tests, on some specific Test Environment
  • Analyse how a subset of some Test cases currently is (e.g. the ones defined by some relevant criteria in a user defined filter), in some version or in some Test Plan

How to use

Source test issues for the chart can be provided by using a saved filter or by selecting a project:

  • Project or Saved filter: a saved filter or a project containing the test issues.

Notice that "Project or Saved filter" must be selected in order to use the gadget.

Additional configuration parameters for this gadget include:

  • Execution Scope: Latest, Version or Test Plan
  • Test Plan Key: the key of the Test Plan, if the Execution Scope is "Test Plan"
  • Analysis Version: the version, if the Execution Scope is "Version"
  • Test Environment: the environment
  • Final Status Precedence: whether the final status have precedence over non-final one

It's also possible to hide a specific result type by clicking the legend item.