This gadget provides a way to see the status of all the Test Runs of a group of Test Executions.


This gadget enables you to see which Tests were or are going to be executed, along with their corresponding results.

Possible usage scenarios:

  • see all the runs of a given Test Execution
  • see all the runs of all Test Executions associated with a Version
  • see all the runs associated with a particular component
  • see the executions performed by or assigned to a specific user.

How to use

Select and filter Test Execution issues with:

  • Project or Saved Filter: a project or saved filter containing Test Execution Issues. This field is mandatory.
  • Test Filters:
    • Priority: priority of Test issues
    • Component: component of Test issues
    • Status: workflow status of Test issues
    • Contains: match Test issues by text
  • Test Run Filters:
    • Assignee: Test Run assignee
    • Executed By: Test Run executed by
    • Status: Test Run status
  • Date range: only Test Runs with start date and end date between the selected range will be considered

It is also possible to configure the:

  • Number of results: the number of results per page
  • Columns to display: which columns to display from the Test issue, Test Execution issue or Test Run entity.