This page provides a list of useful resources, including access to our Support Team and more.

Do you need help with Xray? Would you like to book a demo? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Access Support (In-App Support/In-App Chat Support) & Resources from Xray

You can also access some of the resources and support from Xray itself:

From the help menu, you can:

  • Go to Xray Start Page
  • Access the Xray  Documentation
  • Join Xray Academy for free and explore the courses that we have set up for you
  • Contact Support Team (In-App Support/In-App Chat Support)

You can use feature In-App Support to Contact Support Team via Service Desk (you’ll be redirected to the correct service type)

In-App Chat Support

Starting Xray version 7.1.0, new customers, and customers that renewed their licenses, can use the In-App Chat Support feature.

With In-App Chat Support, you can:

  • Have the same support as with In-App Support (Contact Support Team via Service Desk)
  • Additionally, in the Xray Product Support page, you will have access to a chat window that gives you:
    • Access directly Xray online Documentation,
    • A searchable set of Product Documentation and Support Knowledge Base articles, where you can find answers to your questions (you can rate the usefulness of those articles),
    • A messenger that allows you to put questions to our bot, and in case you don’t get a satisfactory answer, you’ll talk live with one of our support agents. You can also rate the support given in this messenger.

Learn more about In-App Chat Support at: In-App Chat Support.

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