9 June 2016

The Xray for JIRA team announces the release of Xray 2.2.0. Version 2.2 contains new features as well as bug fixes. Please check the highlights below.


Highlights for this release


Detailed Cucumber execution

Xray now provides high detail on the execution of Cucumber Tests (i.e. Scenario/Scenario Outline), including timing information and per step information.

Besides this, Cucumber Before/After hooks are also presented.



Per step information

The execution screen of Cucumber Tests (i.e. Scenario/Scenario Outline) now contains information on all steps that were executed, including elapsed time and execution status.

Besides this, all the steps from associated Background(s) that were executed are also enumerated along with respective information.



Cucumber hooks


Cucumber tests may have before/after hooks; although hooks are more implementation related and not specification related, we also present them since they may give valuable information about the test run.

Cucumber export based on requirements and Test Plans


Now you can export Cucumber feature files, with your Scenario/Scenario Outline tests, based on the issue keys of requirement or Test Plan issues.

Learn more here.

Tests List gadget


Now, you can list the Tests and choose exactly how to analyze them as you do in the Tests project tab. This is awesome because you can now use this gadget to see the status of your Tests for the version you want and eventually have several gadgets for showing the results for the different Test Environments you're running them on.

This new gadget replaces the old way of listing Tests, by using the JIRA's Filter Results gadget and including the TestRunStatus. That approach was a bit limited since the "TestRunStatus" is a calculated field that shows you the latest status of the test for some version depending on some global behavior that you need to configure administratively.

With the Tests List gadget, you have the flexibility of choosing the version and the Test Environment where you want to see the latest status of your tests.

Learn more here.

Improvements in the integration with Xporter add-on including Test Plans awareness



If you have Xporter add-on you will now be able to build out nice reports in Word/PDF containing information about your Test Plans.

Besides it, we have now exposed information about all associated Pre-Condtions to your Tests, since a Test may have more than one Pre-Conditon.

Please visit Xporter Template Store to obtain new and updated templates, under the "Test & QA" section.

Improvements in the integration with Structure add-on


If you have Structure add-on you will now be able to also see and manage the relation between Tests and Pre-Conditions and Sub Test Executions, besides what was already possible with Xray v2.1 (Test Sets, Test Execution or Test Plans).

If you drag a Test into an issue of those types it will be associated with it. And of course, if you remove a Test from an Pre-Condtion/Sub Test Execution issue its association will also be removed.

Learn more here.


No more automatic reindexes. You decide when to reindex.


Changing some settings in Xray administration preferences would automaticaly trigger a reindex. This could affect users, since a reindex could take a considerable amount of time.

Now the administrator is notified that a reindex should be done and then he decides when it is done, so it does not impact JIRA users.

Improved Continuous Integration, including a new Maven Plugin


We aim to make the life of developers/testers easier. In parallel to Xray, we are now releasing a new Maven plugin that can be easily integrated with your existing Java projects.

Besides it, we will also update the Jenkins and Bamboo add-ons in the upcoming days, in order to support the ability of specifying the fixVersion of the Test Execution that is going to be created.


Learn more about the Maven plugin here.

New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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