24 October 2018

The Xray team is proud to announce the release of Xray 3.2.0.

The main feature of this version is the Automated Steps Library for Gherkin Tests, a central place to easily manage and refactor all the Cucumber steps used in the context of a given project. In addition, autocomplete and filtering on the steps make editing of Cucumber Scenarios/Backgrounds easier.

We also included integration with Apwide Golive, an app that leverages the power of Test Environments.

As people use more and more the hierarchical test organization using the Test Repository and the Test Plan Board, a new flattened view facilitates the visualization and selection of Tests.

There are also improvements in the HP ALM/QC migration tool, several architectural changes for increased performance and much more.

Discover the key features below (smile)

Upgrading to Xray 3.2.0

From Xray 3.2.0, the amount of information indexed by Jira's Lucene framework has increased. In order to not increase the index time, Xray is now pre-calculating this data so when re-indexing there is less calculation to be done.

Whenever installing Xray 3.2.0 the first time, this implies that an upgrade task must run to pre-calculate historical data. This action is a one time action and it will run in the background, so that Xray is still available during upgrade. However, this process may be long and heavy depending on the Jira instance size and thus we recommend to perform the upgrade at off peak times.

In order to manage this calculation, Xray provides a panel inside "Custom Field" preferences page from where you can stop, start and follow progress of it.

After installing version 3.2.0 of Xray, a re-index operation of your Jira instance is required so that the internal data becomes searchable and usable by Xray.

Downgrading from Xray 3.2.x

Downgrading from Xray 3.2.x implies that you must perform a re-index afterwards. This is because from Xray 3.2.0 onwards, the content and format of what Xray indexes has changed.

Release highlights 

Automated Steps Library and enhanced editing of Cucumber Tests/Pre-Conditions

If you've adopted BDD and Cucumber, the number of Cucumber Scenarios/Backgrounds will increase as your project grows. Since Cucumber steps can, and shall, be used across different test specifications, you may need to do some refactoring on your existing steps to avoid duplicates and foster reusability.

The Automated Steps Library provides a central place to view and manage all the Cucumber steps used in the context of a given project. This will allow you to classify/label steps, refactor them (update, merge), and quickly identify the entities that use them.

Steps are added automatically to the Automated Steps Library when Tests or Pre-Conditions are created or updated. Once in the library, they can be used to create/update Cucumber Tests/Pre-Conditions, using autocomplete and filtering steps based on labels.

You can now be much more efficient using the enhanced editor for Cucumber based Tests/Pre-Conditions right inside Jira.

Learn more here.

Integration with Apwide Golive (previously "Apwide Test Environment Manager")

Xray provides you with powerful capabilities to analyze test results and coverage on a per Test Environment basis. You can easily understand how tests and requirements are faring on specific target environments.

To answer the needs of our customers dealing with many Applications and Test Environments, we have built an integration with Apwide Golive, a Jira app with advanced Environment and Release Management functionalities.

On Xray screens, the QA team knows as soon as an Environment becomes unstable or when the wrong version of an application is deployed. Efficiency increases with clickable links to access the Environments and the possibility to book dedicated Environments for test campaigns.

Test Executions and Test Plans are now planned on a Timeline with drag-and-drop and Xray issues dates are automatically updated. Jira filters can be used to obtain a real-time list of bugs that can be tested on a specific environment, taking into consideration the deployed version and the environment status. You can easily understand how tests and requirements are faring on specific target environments.

> Watch the video.

Learn more here.

New gadgets: Requirements List and Overall Test Results

Two new gadgets to track QA progress in your Jira dashboards: Requirements List Gadget and the Overall Test Results Gadget.

The Requirements List Gadget provides an enhanced list of requirements, including hierarchical information (e.g., Epic > Story), along with completeness information and respective number of Tests, analyzed in the context of some version or Test Plan. This information is similar to the one seen at the end of the page in the Overall Requirement Coverage Report whenever drilling-down on some requirements.

The Overall Test Results Gadget provides an overview of the status of Tests, in the context of a version or Test Plan. Thus, you can see the number of Tests that passed or failed, displayed in a pie chart or in a table layout.

Learn more about these and all other gadgets here.

Flat View for Test Repository and Test Plan Board

As more and more people use the hierarchical test organization via the Test Repository and the Test Plan Board, we introduce a new flattened view for easy visualization and selection.

While the default hierarchical view provides a way to see how Tests are organized, the new "Flat View" provides the means to obtain all Tests within a given folder, eventually filter them using some criteria, select a subset of those and then do operations with them, regardless of the folder they're stored in.

Learn more here.

Performance improvements

We're doing ongoing architectural changes that will provide performance benefits across several different areas in future versions. Version 3.2.0 adds some improvements, including the calculation of the Test Plans overall status/progress bar, global and per-folder (in the Board).

Improving performance is an ongoing effort, so expect additional enhancements to come.

Email Notifications for changes on the specifications of Tests and Pre-Conditions

We know that the editing of Tests is quite dynamic. Some users want to get notified upon every change in the Test/Pre-Condition specification, while others don't.

Since Test cases are abstracted as Jira issues, you can also have changes on all the standard fields at the issue level.

On the other hand, Jira's notification schemes don't allow you to define notifications on a per-issue-type basis, and you may want to get updates on Stories and Bugs but not on Tests, or vice-versa.

Thus, we have created a specific event that will be triggered whenever the specification of a Test/Pre-Condition is changed, giving you the ability to define notifications for it.

It will be triggered upon:

  • adding/removing/updating steps in Manual Tests
  • updating the "Generic Test Definition" of Generic Tests
  • updating the "Cucumber Scenario" of Cucumber Tests
  • updating the "Conditions" of Pre-Conditions.

Learn more here.

New documentation: Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our new area of the triple T: Tutorials, Tips & Tricks (smile)

We have created a specific section in our documentation with tutorials, tips, recommendations and some articles so that you deepen your knowledge of Xray.

All available from within one place, easing the task of finding useful information to you.

Learn more here.

And more...

AdministrationREST APIOther
  • Maximum selectable Test Runs for bulk operations. Read more here.

  • Metrics: Xray now collects some anonymous usage metrics (e.g., counters) that will allow us to improve Xray for all of you. You can opt-out of this, but we kindly ask that you leave it enabled. Please read our Privacy Policy.
  • Xray JSON Multipart

  • Test Statuses

  • Test Step Statuses

  • Get/Update Test Run assignee

  • Get/Update Test Run executed by
  • HP ALM/QC Importer:
    • support for HTTPS
    • ability to create folder structure in the Test Repository
    • ability to specify the base folder from where Tests will be imported from

  • New branding with new logos. Hope you love it as much as we do! Please see our new website https://www.getxray.app.

New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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