24 July 2020

The Xray team is proud to announce the release of Xray 4.1.0.

This version features the Document Generator, which allows users to export Xray-related information to PDF, Word, and Excel reports, and the integration with the Xray Exploratory App. 

Discover the key features below. (smile)

Upgrade Notes

Upgrading Xray to 4.1.x

If you are upgrading from a version lower than 3.2, this implies that an upgrade task will run to pre-calculate historical data. This is a one-time action that will run in the background so that Xray is still available during the upgrade. A  re-index operation of your Jira instance is required so that the internal data becomes searchable and usable by Xray.

Please be aware that this upgrade task will run immediately after updating Xray. As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray outside of business hours. It is always possible to cancel the recalculation operation in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields → Maintenance.

If you are upgrading from v3.2.x or v3.3.x to v4.1, you must recalculate data in the Xray configuration section → Custom Fields. This recalculation is necessary because of the huge improvement in the amount of data that Xray needs to add to the table and to the Lucene indexes.

As this operation can take some time and use a considerable amount of server resources, we suggest scheduling the upgrade of Xray and the recalculation of the custom fields, outside of business hours.

Downgrading from Xray 4.1.x

Downgrading from Xray 4.x to a version less than 3.2.0 implies that you must perform a re-index afterward. This is because from Xray 3.2.0 onwards, the content and format of what Xray indexes have changed.

Historical Coverage Gadget

Some configuration parameters for this gadget were modified as a result of supporting multiple projects whenever using a saved filter as a source. It is possible that some users will get errors on the gadget after downgrading from 4.x. If this happens, please edit the configuration to ensure the gadget is configured properly. 

Release highlights 

Document Generator (smile)

Do you need to export Xray-related information out of Jira using your own customized report? Now you can!

With the Document Generator, you can export Xray Issues, Requirements, and Defects to Word, Excel, and PDF.

You can build your own templates using Word and Excel documents or choose from the pre-made templates available in our store.

Once you have the right template, you can use it to export Stories, Tests, Test Plans, etc., into different formats such as PDF, DOCX (Word), XLSX (Excel), and more.

Configuring templates is also very easy. There are global templates configured by Jira administrators, and also project-level templates.

If you are already familiar with Xporter, then the Document Generator will feel very natural. The way to define templates and to use those templates to export issues is very similar.

What if we are already using Xporter?

Well, Xporter is a more general tool with which you can export any issues from Jira. The Document Generator is limited to Xray Issues, Requirements, and Defects.

Xporter also provides more advanced features that are not available in the Document Generator such as:

  • Export from Jira Service Desk
  • Export to File Servers or Confluence
  • Xporter Multi-action Post Function
  • Scheduled reports

The Xporter App and the Xray Document Generator can coexist without any problem.

What's next?

This is just the beginning. We plan to extend and improve the Document Generator in future releases with more features like providing access to the Document Generator from the different contexts in Xray (Test Repository or the Test Plan Board).

Learn more about the Document Generator here.

Xray Exploratory App 

The Xray Exploratory App (XEA) is a desktop-based Exploratory Testing Tool that works seamlessly integrated with Xray. It allows users to define exploratory testing sessions, record videos, capture and annotate screenshots, take notes, and much more.

It works integrated with Jira and Xray, but can also be used in a standalone mode (Jira and Xray are not required). 

With the Xray Exploratory App you can create tests, run test executions, and explore software testing like never before.

The app is free and available for Windows and macOS. You can download the app here.

More features will come to XEA in the next releases that will greatly improve the way you execute Tests and integrate with Xray. Stay tuned!

Learn more about the Xray integration with XEA here. You can access the main XEA documentation here.

New Features and Bug Fixes in this release


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