Xray provides a gadget for viewing the test plan list report for a given set of test plan issues. The test plan issues can span different projects.


This gadget provides a quick way of evaluating the current status of your project test plans. You're able to visually identify the test plans by filtering them beforehand, and determine their overall status based on all the tests associated with them.


For more info, please check out the Coverage Analysis.

How to use

Source test plan issues for the list can be provided by using a saved filter or by selecting a project:

  • Project or Saved filter: a saved filter or a project containing the test plan issues.

Notice that "Project or Saved filter" must be select in order to use the gadget.

Additional configuration parameters for this gadget include:

  • Number of results: the number of results displayed per page up to 100
  • Columns to display: the columns that will be displayed, the order of the columns in the table will be the order of the fields in the selector

  • Test Environment: the environment used to calculate the status
  • Final Status Precedence: whether the final status have precedence over non-final ones