Installation requirements

Xray Server version 3.3.5 or above is needed to support the mobile app. Xray Cloud is not yet available for mobile.

Configure your Jira instance to allow Xray Mobile to connect

  1. Jira Administration > Applications > Application links
  2. Enter the URL of your organisation/company. For example:, then click "Create new link"
  3. Ignore the warning message that states, "No response was received from the URL you entered", click "Continue"
  4. On the first screen of the Link applications dialog, enter anything you want in the fields. However, make sure you select the "Create incoming link" checkbox
  5. On next screen of the Link applications dialog, enter the consumer key for the client
    1. Consumer key

  6. Consumer name: Xray Mobile App
    1. Public key:

  7. Done!

Configure Xray Mobile

  1. Locate and install the Xray Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store
    1. Once installed follow the on screen instructions
  2. Insert your Jira Server URL and tap Connect (make sure the Jira instance is reachable from the internet or if the mobile device is connected to the company VPN)
  3. To login, enter your Jira username and password
  4. Tap Allow in the authorization prompt 
    Note: Xray mobile does not store your user name or password, we only use an authorization token
  5. You are ready to begin using Xray Mobile, enjoy! (smile)