In this tutorial, we will use some tests specified in SoapUI / ReadyAPI, which supports out-of-the-box JUnit reports.


  • SoapUI NG Pro


This example is based on the sample SOAP project that is available upon SoapUI installation.

The "SOAP Sample Project" from ReadyAPI v1.9.0 contains 3 TestSuites with a total of 11 test cases. 

After running the tests (either from the UI or from the command line) and generating the JUnit XML reports (e.g., report.xml), it can be imported to Xray (either by the REST API or through the Import Execution Results action within the Test Execution).

From the UI,

or from the command line:

sh -c ./testrunner.sh -j -J -f/tmp/soapui "-RProject Report" "-EDefault environment" SOAP-Sample-Project-soapui-project.xml

Each Test Case is mapped to a Generic Test in Jira, and the Generic Test Definition field contains the name of the project concatenated with the name of SoapUI's TestSuite and the name of the test case in SoapUI.

The Execution Details of the Generic Test contains information about the context, which in this case contains the name of the project and the name of SoapUI's TestSuite.