A Generic Test is an agnostic Test that does not contain any structure. The only field that is related to a Generic Test is its Definition. 

For an automated test, the Definition field can have an ID or name that maps to the external automated Test case. An example might be a JUnit test created automatically by Xray when the JUnit XML report was imported with test results.

Another example of an unstructured test is an Exploratory Test. In this case, the Definition field might contain the Test charter.

Therefore, unstructured Tests can be used for both manual and automated test scenarios.

Defining Generic Tests

Specifying the generic definition for a given Test can be done using:

Using the Issue dialog

When creating or editing a Test using the issue dialog/page provided by Jira, the screen is divided into tabs. Within the Test Details tab, you can define the Test Type and Test script.

When an Unstructured Test Type is selected (e.g. Generic), the Generic Test Definition field will be visible. This is an open text field where you can specify the Test script.

Inline Editing Xray Tests

Xray Test issue web panels support inline editing similar to the Jira native and custom fields inline edit. This prevents full page reloads when modifying fields.

On unstructured Tests, the only field provided, besides the Test Type, is the Definition.

To inline edit a field, just hover over the field view area and click it.

Edit Permissions

You can only inline edit Xray fields if you have permission to edit the Test issue.

The Generic Test Definition field supports the Jira markup wiki language.

On Jira versions greater or equal to 7.3.0, the Definition field supports Jira's Rich Text Editor. To enable the Rich Text Editor, you have to set the renderer of the definition custom field to  Wiki Style Renderer.  It is also possible to use Rich Text Editor on Jira versions greater than 7.2.0 by enabling the experimental Rich Text Editor in Jira configurations, but this feature is not totally supported by Xray.

Export an Unstructured Test into a text file

Unstructured Test issues can be exported to a plain text file. Only the Test Definition field will be included in the plain text file. This action can be useful when executing a Generic Test outside of Jira.

To export a Generic Test definition to plain text, 

Step 1: Open the Generic Test issue view page. 

Step 2: Select More > Export Test as Text. The resulting plain text file will be downloaded to the browser.