Xray for Jira Server is a product that has been available in the Atlassian Marketplace since 2014.

Xray for Jira Cloud is an offshoot of the highly successful Xray for Jira Server. While there is great similarity between them, there are a few subtle differences between the two versions due to the way Jira Cloud works.

These are, in fact, two different products with distinct roadmaps and different release cycles. With that said, our aim is to make Xray for Jira Cloud as close to Xray for Jira Server as possible, and improve it where possible.

If you are looking to migrate your Jira Server/DC instance to Jira Cloud, please take a look at our Jira Cloud Migration Guide.

Feature Comparison

Below are the core differences between Xray for Jira Server and Xray for Jira Cloud.


Xray for JIRA Server


Xray for Jira Cloud


Parameterized Tests


Test Set

Test Execution

Sub-Test Execution

Test Plan

Cucumber Tests/ Preconditions

Test Environments

Management of Test  Environments

Test Case Importer

Test Repository

Test Plan Board

Test Step Custom FIelds

Test Run Custom Fields

Automated Step Library / BDD Step Library

ReportsTraceability, Overall Coverage, Historical Coverage, Test Plans (List & Metrics), Test Executions (List & Metrics), Test Runs ListTraceability, Overall Test Coverage, Tests List, Test Sets List, Test Executions List, Test Plans List, Test Plans Metrics, Test Runs List
GadgetsOverall Coverage, Historical Coverage, Test Runs Summary, Tests List, Test Runs List, Tests EvolutionOverall Test Coverage, Test Status pie-chart, Requirements List, Tests List, Test Sets List, Test Executions List, Test Plans List
IntegrationsXporter, eazyBI, Structure, Confluence, Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCityXporter, Jenkins, TeamCity
REST APIextends Jira's REST API. Able to import multiple reports and to manage all entities

REST API: able to import multiple reports

GraphQL API: manage all entities

Automation frameworks/formats supportedCucumber, Xray, JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, xUnit, Robot framework, Robot framework v4.0, BehaveCucumber, Xray, JUnit, NUnit, TestNG, xUnit, Robot Framework, Behave